Rules & Regulations

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To ensure everyone has a good time you all must abide by our simple requests, all to makesure everyone has a good time! Most importantly starting with Safety, whilst creating an ideal fun and erotic atmosphere, bringing positive and sexual vibes to satisfy your needs and expectations.

Safety along with Privacy is highly important, for everyone’s benefit and our main aim is for all our clients to be amongst safe and secure surroundings in order to feel comfortable and just let loose! Our private parties will be held at secluded areas, avoiding any disruption, attracting unwanted attention. As well as being under strict supervision by highly experienced security staff we also need Your help to keep these events private, as these are for the eligible guests whom meet all our requirements. For further information read our Privacy Policy.

All form of photography is prohibited, do not try to photograph or record the parties. As this is a breach of conduct against Privacy any devices will be confiscated and you may risk your place at the event. All phones must be switched off before entering the venue and we hold no responsibility for them.

Some of our parties allow single men unless advertised , we always select single men who are well groomed , good mannered and max we allow per party is 10 single men. We request single men to not be overly persistent and not intimidate our guests in any way. They must always await for an invite to be joined by a couple or to be approached by a single woman.

In order to purchase a ticket you must subscribe to our website, send all required personal details, along with a photograph of yourself. Holding information of the guests will enable safety of all of us- our staff and guests which gives us great deal of confidence and peace of mind. These invites cannot be sold, copied, exchanged and are non-refundable. You will be refused entry without your invite or if you are not on our guest list. If an invite is purchased by a couple then only that specific couple will be joining the party. No last minute partners.

Purchase for an invite can only be made once selected, IF you meet the requirements of an eligible guest. Therefore the application process applies to everyone; subscribe, provide full personal details, wait to be chosen, if lucky can then purchase a ticket to 1 of our hot events. This is the exact same process which applies to couples. No last minute changes, only the individuals selected will be allowed entry.

Genuine couples only are welcome to our parties. By this we mean couples in a sexual relationship, doesn’t have to be anything more. We understand this will be a new experience for some of you and this is what can only be shared with actual couples looking to “try something new”. Do not pretend to be in a relationship and try to blag an entry. This rule applies to both men and females. To avoid embarrassment do not even think about renting for the night. You can’t fake creativity, competence or sexual arousal.

We do not offer free advertising. Look somewhere else to Publicise yourself not at our Private events. We do not want to draw any unwanted attention and aim to keep our parties and events private and confidential.

We hope and aim for our nights to go as planned, starting by making sure everything is running smoothly and on time. To arrive on time is very important to make a good start to the event, you must arrive at the times arranged for the party. If you are having difficulty arriving on times specified on your invite then please let us know.

No jeans, trainers, informal wear. Let’s keep it classy and sexy but formal. Ladies strut your stuff in those daring heels, dazzling dresses, sensual evening wear, luscious red lips (no limits) As for all those Gatsbys out there charm us all with that twinkle in your eyes, seductive smile, smart, formal attire.

Our parties are for straight and bisexual female activity and straight male activity. This formula is the standard swinging convention across the world and reflects the consensus of opinion among both male and female swingers of all countries. This does not mean that couples with bisexual men are unwelcome. It means that when they apply, they explicitly agree that the male partner will be straight at the party.

Do not distract people enjoying themselves by holding loud conversations in the playrooms. Do not take your glasses and drinks into the playroom. At houseparties we provide plastic water bottles which are the only drinks you can take into the play areas.

If someone or a couple catches your eye make a delicate approach, if they are pre-occupied be patient, they might just become available to you. Whilst in the playrooms, if on the beds, make a delicate form of contact, for example by softly touching their hand. If not interested or engaged elsewhere, swiftly move away and the other should get the message by that. Please do not make a scene and draw attention to yourself, please keep this a playful fun event.

NO means NO if someone has asked you to stop doing something, you should do so immediately, Pay close attention to other’s reactions, how they retaliate and if it seems they do not feel the same as you. You must be considerate towards other people making sure not to do anything to spoil anyone’s time at the party. Any form of harassment or making guests feel intimidated and uncomfortable will not be tolerated and further action will be taken to make sure this does not carry on.

To ensure a safe, sexual environment we require all penetrative sex between people who are not couples or regular partners to use a condom unless mutually agreed. It is the men’s responsibility to make sure he is wearing a condom without being asked and make the women aware he is doing so. Men must change condoms between sexual partners, in between sexual activities with more than woman, unless given consent not to. Along with tissues and wipes, plenty of condoms will be at hand at all our events however it is always ideal to carry your own. Safe sex and good hygiene is essential.

Most of our parties are bring your own bottle/drink, if you decide to bring your own bottle/drinks we ask you to keep an eye on your own drinks as we cannot take responsibility for misplaced drinks. Excessive drinking can lead you to making decisions you wouldn’t normally make and if our staff find that you are over the acceptable limit or acting inappropriate we may refuse entry or ask you to leave the party. We also have a zero drugs policy any one seen consuming or selling drugs or under the influence of drugs will removed immediately and permanently banned

Any breach of conduct, rules broken, will have repercussions. This could be a warning or be exited out of the premises without given a refund. You will also not be permitted to any of our parties ever again. We act immediately and severely in response to complaints. We take this most seriously and do not give second chances to those who let us down.

You must be 18 years or over to register as a Member. If We discover or have any reason to suspect that You are not over 18 years of age, then We reserve Our right to suspend or terminate Your Membership to this Site immediately and without notice.