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We aim to bring swinging to a different level, something more stylish and upmarket creating an environment that accepts individualism, diversity and free self expression. Every month we host friendly, sociable and sexy swinging parties for attractive single ladies, couples and a select few single gents. The venue of our parties will remain in and around the London area for now.

Whether a new swinger or experienced you’ll fit in just fine, you will not be disappointed with our parties as we create a comfortable no pressure environment which perfectly caters for the needs of most. We welcome attractive individuals from all ages and ethnicities. Our only criteria is that you look after yourself.

We look forward to welcoming you!

We create awesome parties

Sexy Swingers Parties


Pink Oyster Parties hosts friendly and safe sexy swingers parties for sexually attractive adventurers, in and around the London area and have a long-established reputation for excellence. Our parties cater for professional upmarket couples and attractive libertines in stunning locations.

All party-goers are selected for their good looks, so make sure when you “Register” that you upload a very clear picture of yourself/yourselves. If you are an adventurous couple or a sexy single female then our events will provide an unforgettable erotic experience.

Places are reserved for newcomers at every event and we warmly welcome all first-timers. All party-goers will be vetted and screened for everyone’s security and peace of mind, professional escorts and platonic friends are not eligible.


After a warm welcome by our staff, you will soak up the atmosphere. The music, the lighting and open play spaces create an atmosphere of relaxation, trust and seduction.

Your eye’s will search the room for gorgeously attractive playmates, we work hard to provide an international mix of backgrounds and beauty, colours and cultures to make your night magical and full of new sensual experiences.

We do not provide alcohol at most of our events but all partygoers are welcome to bring their own. All selected members must read our “Rules & Regulations” thoroughly before attending one of our events.


All parties are held in safe, secure and atmospheric upmarket venues in the London area. Venues are selected to make you feel relaxed and at ease while you party the night away.

Our dress code is formal, no jeans or trainers or informal wear. The ladies will be dressed in daring heals and dazzling dresses with luscious red lips, the men well-groomed in jackets, shirts and trousers.

When entering our plush venues, you will feel the rush of anticipation and excitement. We carefully create an intimate and sensual ambience to ease you into the night. Tasteful lighting and décor, nothing seedy or crude and absolutely nothing pornographic.


Pink Oyster Parties are renowned for hours of sex, the action at our parties is what really sets us apart, the open play spaces, secluded areas and lots of beds allow you to play. Soft swapping, foursomes, spectacular group scenes, orgy scenarios, girl/girl encounters and moresomes are guaranteed to last long into the night.

Our parties strictly cater for straight and bisexual female activity and straight male activity.